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                      Raw material control

                      Will provide material certificate, material batch number traceability, third party SGS test report and material RoHS report can be provided if required.


                      Main production equipment daily spot check, on time maintenance, Extend the life of the equipment, and ensure completion of production.

                      Production Process

                      Cnc Lathing And Milling | Micro Hole Drilling | Cnc Whirlwind Milling | E.D.M | Plane Lapping | Plane Polishing | Cnc Lather | Centre-hole Lapping | Internal And External Grinding | Punch Machine Processing | NC Milling | Sand Blasting | Ultrasonic Cleaning | Drying | High Precision Laser Welding | Ulrasonic Deburrer

                      DELTA focus on various item small and middle batch order producing. The main process is CNC lathing and milling compound processing, accompany with the process of micro-hole processing and high precision grinding to provide customers with the overall manufacturing plan of parts. Differing from other processing plants, we always work with customers to challenge the difficult project development, even in the early stage, we need to try many times, high cost and low return. We invest our technology, time, capital to maximize customer satisfaction, and never compromise to make high-quality products.

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